Cypher Messenger

A blockchain-based Instant Messenger

Privately chat with anyone at any time

Cypher allows you to privately chat with anyone in the world at any time, no matter where you are. All Messages are encrypted and unreadable for uninvited spies, while you stay anonymous. Cypher is using the same asymmetric cryptography as Bitcoin, in your messages, as well as your Crypto transactions.

No logging

The Cypher Blockchain does not keep Logs of your Messages. All Messages are only temporarily stored until they are retrieved by your communication partner, and safely disposed after. Messages are only accessible on your Device after receiving them.

Earn Cypher by running a Node

By running a Node you lend Bandwidth to the Cypher Network, making it more secure and reliable. In Exchange, you receive Cypher! Cypher Transactions make it possible for Cypher Messenger to be free for the Users and earn rewards for Nodes.

Download Cypher Messenger and chat with your friends!

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Buy Cypher Coins and invest!

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Run your own Node and earn Cypher!

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